Sustainability Strategy

An effective CSR and sustainability strategy is becoming a necessity for most companies. It is also a key competitive advantage and provides enhanced brand value, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, improved staff retention as well as higher performance and service quality.

s-strategyAn alignment with principles of sustainable development requires the integration of new management processes, policies and key performance indicators. It may also encompass aspects that were not previously within the scope of a company’s strategy, such as climate change and human rights. These new business priorities can extend beyond the company’s usual boundaries to include external stakeholders in the supply chain and communities.


How we assist you

Starting with the identification of your key material issues and stakeholders, Ere-S guides you through the development of your sustainability strategy, including the setting of policies and targets, the implementation of stakeholder management, data collection and reporting processes.

Our methodology includes benchmarking your company profile with CSR initiatives and best practices in the same industry and worldwide. We also assess the risks and opportunities in implementing new processes and policies into your business operations. In developing your sustainability map, Ere-S will:

  • Identify key material issues and the scope of the sustainability agenda
  • Develop engagement processes and communication channels with stakeholders
  • Define the actions required to achieve the company’s social and environmental goals
  • Develop appropriate CSR/Sustainability policies in line with local and international regulations, best practice and recognised sustainability standards
  • Identify key performance indicators and implement data collection and calculation methods
  • Communicate sustainability performance to your stakeholders
  • Train staff on sustainability-related issues and encourage participation to improve the company’s sustainability performance

ISO 26000

The latest guidelines on implementing social and environmental responsibility.

GRI Framework

A comprehensive set of guidelines for sustainability reporting.


Setting higher criteria for the credibility and quality of sustainability reports and CSR systems.

First Steps to CSR Journey

Key to start a CSR journey is to understand issues that are critical to the core business and stakeholders.  It is also important to establish a long-term strategy based on the combination of core competencies and CSR to create business competitiveness.


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