Our Environmental Policy

At Ere-S, we support the principles of sustainable development and believe we all have the responsibility to care for the environment. As a business especially, we should integrate best practices so that our operations are sustainable, environmentally friendly, socially equitable and financially viable.

Our commitment to minimising the environmental impact of our activities has led us to establish the following guidelines:


  • We comply with all environmental laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.

  • Where possible, we implement environmentally friendly practices and standards that go beyond compliance, moving toward the highest international standards.

  • We monitor the consumption of energy, resources and materials by our business.

  • We minimise use of energy and resources and we recycle material, equipment and packaging.

  • We continuously assess available practices, technologies and opportunities to reduce our environmental impact and implement them whenever we can. These include:
    • Business travel reduction or alternatives
    • Green energy options
    • Use of energy and resource-saving equipment and services
    • Use of recycled and recyclable materials and equipment
    • Carbon emissions offsetting

  • We encourage our personnel to adopt eco-friendly behaviour wherever they are: at the office, at our clients’ premises, and at home.

  • We encourage our suppliers to adopt environmentally-friendly business practices. We give preference to businesses and agencies that are environmentally and socially responsible.

  • We uphold our environmental values in all our projects. We provide our clients with consulting services and advice that are consistent with these values and the principles of sustainable development.

This policy is endorsed by our management and reviewed annually.

As the company grows, so does our potential impact on the environment. We will continue to adapt our environmental practices and seek solutions that minimize the environmental footprint of our business activities.

More details on our carbon approach can be found on the following pages:

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