Carbon Offsetting

CO2Because we are currently unable to reduce significantly our carbon footprint, Ere-S offsets all our emissions (see our carbon management page on how we measure our emissions).

Emissions can be offset by funding external activities and projects that reduce (or compensate for) the equivalent amount of emissions we produce. To compensate for its emissions, Ere-S has chosen South Pole Carbon, an international company specialising in greenhouse gases reduction and climate friendly projects.
Using our carbon measurement tool, the total amount of carbon we emitted during 2015 was 25 tonnes of CO2e [1] .

Furthermore, we have chosen the “2° Path” option proposed by South Pole Carbon to compensate for emissions in a way that would achieve the goal of limiting the average global warming to 2° (see for more details). This option requires an offset of 2.5 times total emissions.

We have therefore offset 25 x 2.5 = 62.5 tonnes of CO2e for the year 2015.

Compensating for a significantly higher amount of emissions gives us confidence that all our actual emissions are effectively included in the offsetting, even if there are under-estimations or imprecisions in our measurement methodology.

Carbon Neutral Certificate
Our Carbon Neutral Certificate

In order to support local and regional communities, Ere-S has chosen to fund a Geothermal Energy project in Indonesia. A description of the project can be found at

With this humble effort, Ere-S is proud to become a carbon neutral company. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that carbon offsetting does not remove the need to reduce our own emissions in the first place. Ere-S continues to seek and implement greener alternatives in its business processes, as highlighted in our environmental policy.

[1] Equivalent carbon dioxide.

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