• Sustainability has become an essential part of business strategy and brings significant benefits. Ere-S guides the development of a customised sustainability strategy covering all aspects of your business.
  • Disclosure of sustainability performance is a key element of corporate responsibility. Using best practices and globally recognised standards, Ere-S advises on the development of a reporting agenda adapted to your business strategy and industry.
  • Sustainability report assurance provides stakeholders with the confirmation that your company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is effective, truthful and transparent. Ere-S offers a range of third-party assurance and pre-assurance services designed for this purpose.
  • CSR initiatives need to be in line with the interests of all parties directly or indirectly affected by your company’s activity. Ere-S assists in the building of stronger and more effective dialogue with key stakeholders.


Generating stakeholder value, while contributing to the environmental and social well-being of the local and global community, has become a key goal of many responsible and forward-looking organisations over the last decade. However, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability landscape is a constantly evolving one with developments in best practice, international standards and legislation being introduced all the time.

When it comes to building communicating and assessing CSR and sustainability strategy and performance an independent and experienced partner, whose job it is to be abreast of every one of these developments, provides invaluable assistance and focus to an organisation.

Ere-S specialises in business sustainability and provides sustainability consulting services including sustainability reporting, sustainability report assurance, research and evaluation, stakeholder engagement and training.

Ere-S sustainability consulting Singapore South East AsiaThrough a top-down approach and in harmony with your company vision, Ere-S can assist at every stage in the development, implementation and communication of your sustainability framework. With clients ranging from multi-national corporations to NGOs, Ere-S works in accordance with internationally recognised standards, such as ISO 26000, GRI, AA1000 and ISAE 3000.

Ere-S is a leading sustainability assurance provider in the region and has assured the highest number of sustainability reports in Singapore.

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We are carbon neutral

ISO 26000

The latest guidelines on implementing social and environmental responsibility.

GRI Framework

A comprehensive set of guidelines for sustainability reporting.


Setting higher criteria for the credibility and quality of sustainability reports and CSR systems.

First Steps to CSR Journey

Key to start a CSR journey is to understand issues that are critical to the core business and stakeholders.  It is also important to establish a long-term strategy based on the combination of core competencies and CSR to create business competitiveness.


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AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider

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