Latest Engagements

 FujiXeroxSingapore-logo   FujiXeroxSingapore sr2016

Fuji Xerox SingaporeSustainability Report 2015/16 (GRI G4). Ere-S assisted the company with the development and production of its latest sustainability report.


capitaland-logoCapitaLand SR2016

CapitaLand Limited - Global Sustainability Report 2016 – an Integrated Report (GRI Standards,  In accordance - Core). The report was assured by Ere-S following the AA1000AS and ISAE 3000 standards.


singtel-logo      Singtel-SR2015        optus-logo    Optus-SR2015

Singtel Group Sustainability Report 2015 (GRI G4, In accordance - Core) and Optus 2015 Sustainability Report (GRI G4, In accordance - Core). In a combined engagement, Ere-S assured both reports following the AA1000AS and ISAE 3000 standards.


      KeppelLand SR2013

Keppel Land Limited Sustainability Report 2014 (GRI G4,  In accordance - Comprehensive). The report was assured by Ere-S following the AA1000AS and ISAE 3000 standards.



Ere-S verified the GRI Content Index of Sembcorp Industries Annual Report 2013 (GRI G4) to confirm that the disclosures within the report are correctly referenced and reported.


World Vision International. Ere-S has reviewed the materials "Disaster Risk Reduction Toolkit & Guideline - Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction into Area Development Programmes" and "Child Focused Disaster Risk Reduction Modules for Children".


ISO 26000

The latest guidelines on implementing social and environmental responsibility.

GRI Framework

A comprehensive set of guidelines for sustainability reporting.


Setting higher criteria for the credibility and quality of sustainability reports and CSR systems.

First Steps to CSR Journey

Key to start a CSR journey is to understand issues that are critical to the core business and stakeholders.  It is also important to establish a long-term strategy based on the combination of core competencies and CSR to create business competitiveness.