ISO 26000 Strategy

s-iso26000-strategyISO 26000 is intended to encourage organisations to make voluntary commitment and contribution to sustainable development.  It provides guidelines on concepts, definitions and methods of evaluation that organisations can refer to, regardless of their nature, size and varying levels of development of the society in which they operate.


How we assist you

For the organisations introduced to ISO26000 for the first time, digesting the document content (over 100 pages) and applying it to business operations can be daunting. 

At Ere-S, we help our clients to align their CSR practices and strategies with ISO 26000 along with other complementary international frameworks on sustainability. We also assist organisations with maximising the usefulness of ISO 26000 and its impact in the context of their industry, priorities and management strategies.  We avoid mere textual compliance and aspire to help organisations strengthen their stakeholder trust while preserving their CSR focus. 

In integrating ISO 26000 into your CSR strategy, Ere-S will:

  • Understand your needs, stakeholders’ concerns, current practices and future goals for sustainability
  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement by subject and maturity
  • Align existing practices and industry norms with the principles and core subjects of ISO 26000
  • Help you create in-house training material for internal stakeholders
  • Provide a customised mid-term and long-term roadmap

 A brief description of the standard can be found here.

ISO 26000

The latest guidelines on implementing social and environmental responsibility.

GRI Framework

A comprehensive set of guidelines for sustainability reporting.


Setting higher criteria for the credibility and quality of sustainability reports and CSR systems.

First Steps to CSR Journey

Key to start a CSR journey is to understand issues that are critical to the core business and stakeholders.  It is also important to establish a long-term strategy based on the combination of core competencies and CSR to create business competitiveness.


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