When reporting on their sustainability profile, companies often focus on performance data and omit information related to the processes that support their CSR strategy.  

Under the AA1000 Assurance Standard (AA1000AS 2008), management systems, procedures and policies that support the company CSR framework are also evaluated, even if they are not disclosed in the report. The assessment is done through adherence to the three AA1000 AccountAbility Principles (AA1000APS):

  • Inclusivity: How the organisation engages with stakeholders and involves them in organisational decision making

  • Materiality: How the organisation identifies the issues relevant and significant to it and its stakeholders and includes these in its disclosures

  • Responsiveness: How the organisation responds to stakeholder issues and feedback through decisions, actions, performance and communication

In conjunction with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, AA1000AS proves to be an effective tool for comprehensive evaluation of a company’s sustainability framework and for the additional reliability it provides to the sustainability report.

The first AA1000AS Assurance Standard evaluations in Singapore were carried out by Ere-S in 2010 on the sustainability reports of City Developments Limited and PowerSeraya Limited. Since then, more local companies have adopted the same assurance level for their report.

Ere-S is an AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider.

ISO 26000

The latest guidelines on implementing social and environmental responsibility.

GRI Framework

A comprehensive set of guidelines for sustainability reporting.


Setting higher criteria for the credibility and quality of sustainability reports and CSR systems.

First Steps to CSR Journey

Key to start a CSR journey is to understand issues that are critical to the core business and stakeholders.  It is also important to establish a long-term strategy based on the combination of core competencies and CSR to create business competitiveness.


AA1000 Licensed Assurance Provider

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